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Vancouver, Washington really showed up for this beautiful couple. Coming all the way from New York, Rina & Tim decided on their special photos to be at The Cove Restaurant. A Vancouver favorite, this special restaurant is right on the water with beautiful docks of boats right out front.

This is also where they’ll be having their welcome dinner for all their out-of-town wedding guests. Since they plan to get married here in the PNW, it was really great we were able to get them some PNW engagement photos.

Rina and Tim met at a Whole Foods and are probably the most outgoing, fun couple I’ve met!

Engaged couple leaning on each other, holding hands and smiling at something one of them said. Sailboats in the river in the background.

They got engaged on a ski trip, isn’t that so cool?!

As the session began, we really got off to a great start! Starting on the rooftop area of The Cove was the perfect spot.

The boats in the background, sun starting to set, and the breeze blowing.

A photo of white flowers on the left and a photo of The Cove Restaurant Outdoor sign on the right.

Vancouver, WA really showed up for these two! Scroll through these engagement photos & you’ll see what I’m talking about with the perfect light.

The soft glow of golden hour shining across the Columbia River?

Tell me a more perfect romantic way to do your engagement session. I’ll wait.

Check out how much life the wind is bringing to these photos! Of course the infectious smiles add to that ten fold..

Engaged couple leaning on each other, holding hands and smiling at something one of them said. Sailboats in the river in the background.

I love how their session turned out! Not only was The Cove Restaurant and the view amazing, Rina and Tim really embraced their love for each other and only focused on that.

She mentioned she just wanted to grab a few photos of them together. While we did that, we also got to know each other before the big day!

This is important for your wedding to go extra smooth. Getting to be in front of your wedding photographer’s camera, BEFORE the actual big day is really great. You get to take off those first-time-in front-of-a-camera nerves, and get used to how I pose you and meet your photographer in person of course!

Laughing is the best thing for me to see at your engagement session, it means you are having as much fun as I am!

I’m so glad Rina was able to get her hair & makeup trial done the same day. Look at how cute this updo looks for their session! When traveling from New York it makes extra sense that they knocked out a bunch of wedding things in one day.

They also mentioned some amazing cake tastings were going down, another super fun way to enjoy each other as an engaged couple! While still knocking out something on the wedding planning to-do list! Even if you don’t plan to have a giant reception cake, book a cake tasting! Who doesn’t like cake tastings??

Tim really took this sneak attack prompt to the next level! Trust me this was all his idea, and it was the perfect addition to their photos.

The fun, relaxed photos are some of my favorites for engagement sessions!

Tim and Rina really nailed these shots, their smiles and happy faces say it all.

Getting out and having fun is the best part about engagement sessions! Most of us don’t realize how much fun photoshoots can be but relaxing, having fun and choosing an activity to do can really help you, at yours.

An activity could be a number of things, but try to pick something that you enjoy doing together! Like maybe taking walks, making food together, snuggling and enjoying a big pizza, or even artsy things like painting.

Of course you don’t have to do these things but a lot of my clients who say “I am uncomfortable in front of the camera, and I don’t know what to do”, find a date night style of photoshoot is the way to go.

I always walk my couples through each pose or direction and make sure they are having fun.

Even when they aren’t excited about photos!

Usually the love you have for each other, it’s enough to make your pictures look amazing.

Of course, at every engagement session I try to get individual shots!

Even though a lot of us feel uncomfortable by ourselves in front of the camera, I will always walk you through photos.

Making sure you nail all your shots, including individuals.

I always recommend to take the focus off the camera, and focus on each other and the poses I have you do. These are supposed to bring the focus back to you as a couple, and the commitment you will be making to each other.

NOT me or my camera. So take my guidance in and follow it but have fun with it, hold each pose a little longer, enjoy each others company and embrace the moments you have.

If you do that, your engagement session will go off without a hitch! Just like Rina and Tim’s Vancouver, Washington engagement session!

Don’t forget to check out The Cove Restaurant here for your next dinner or dinner party space. It is the perfect spot, nice weather or not!

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