Traveling photographer based out of the PNW!

Meet Me

Hey you! I want to introduce myself because life behind the screen is SO important to me! My name is Natalie Kysar. I am a mama, a wife & a taco lover. If you catch me inside I'm probably doing boring business stuff cause I'd rather be outside, exploring this amazing universe!! Are you an adventurer like me? Are you down to explore?

What warms my heart?

My Background

I've loved taking pictures since I got my first point & shoot camera in 4th grade. They were horrible photos but each shot helped me grow to where I am today! I'm in this biz because I'm absolutely OBSESSED with giving people those little details & wide shots that they cherish forever. It warms my little photographer heart so so much!


Sharing Your Stories

Throughout my life I have met so many amazing people & listening to their stories helped me grow as a person. I want to hear YOUR stories and bring them to life. When you print my photos you get your beautiful story in the best quality, and the passion behind the lens shows through onto your gallery wall or album. I ADORE seeing my work in your homes, it's like a little piece of my heart is living in your home telling a story.

My Blog

I’m here writing my honest thoughts, opinions and experiences! I really want the ability to share and connect with you before we even meet. This gives you a little insight on who I am in this world. 


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