September 20, 2020

Battle Ground Washington // Jenna and Kerry’s Wedding

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Battle Ground Washington // Jenna & Kerry’s Wedding

Jenna & Kerry are one of the sweetest couples I’ve had the chance to work with & I absolutely loved working with them, especially on their wedding day. This day was originally planned for another day, they took it so well though. I know how hard it’s been for my couples who’ve had to reschedule, or anyone who has, and I want you to know I’m here for you every step of the way. Planning during this time was so stressful but Jenna was able to get her dress just in time before the quarantine and she looked absolutely beautiful in it. She even sent me a text with a photo of it she was so excited to share with me! Seriously love getting to be a part of the whole process of wedding planning, however that may go.

(Her dress is from one of my favorite local bridal shops: who will be featured on an upcoming blog as well! Anna is one of the sweetest bridal shop owners I’ve met!)

Since they were unable to get married at their original planned venue, they had a home wedding at Jenna’s sweet grandparents home in Battle Ground, Washington. I love how throughout the house their was little bits of their childhood. It made these photos that much more meaningful!

One of my favorite pieces in her grandparents room, where she got ready, was this awesome old chair that worked perfect for detail photos. 

Jenna was seriously one of the fastest brides I’ve had, she got ready so fast & looked amazing doing it! Her sweet mama and sister were there getting ready with her.

And of course at every wedding with kids.. you gotta get that running shot! Totally reminds me of being a kid with hardly a care in the world. Best childhood memories amiright?? But look at this sweet shot of Kerry & Draven!! Soo sweet. 

Jenna was such a fun bride to capture getting ready photos of! Everyone in the room was just joking around & seriously not one bit stressed sounding! I know how stressful getting ready rooms can be & with so much anticipation, Jenna was a pro!

These black and white shots were some of my favorites, in the photo with her mama, she is putting on a heirloom necklace passed down to her. The special touches each family gives the wedding make the whole day that much more meaningful. 

Father & daughter walking down the aisle together. One of my favorite moments of the day. You can just feel the excitement.

Ahh look at Kerry’s grin as he’s waiting for his bride with all their close family together.

Her dad is so pleased, just happy as can be!!

The kiddos did so good standing up there for the whole ceremony! So cute.

Sweet prayer moments.

That first kiss moment as a married couple… So sweet! Love seeing all the family so excited for them. The tripod at the back of the aisle was all the family and friends who couldn’t make it. They did a live video for them all to enjoy.

AHH look at those cute smiles. My favorite!!

So gorgeous Jenna!!!

We all moved inside to make it official and they share this sweet moment together. I’m so so thankful I was able to be a part of their day & make sure this moment is captured for them to remember forever.

Mother & son photos are so sweet. He did so amazing (we won’t mention any bribing haha)

Kerry & his best man!

Bridal party portraits went so well! 

And of course, I LOVE bride & groom portraits. It gives them a moment to themselves and a second to breathe away from all the family and friends. Even with a small wedding I think these are important and you’ll want to cherish every second of it. 

Isn’t this field gorgeous?! I am so glad they were able to get married with such a gorgeous backdrop!

Heading into the reception in her sweet gram’s garage. 

Father & daughter sharing a sweet hug. 

Saying goodbye.

Off they go! Congratulations Jenna & Kerry!

And of course the blog post wouldn’t be complete without this review they sent after they got their sneak peek.

“My experience with Natalie was nothing less than amazing. She took our engagement photos and our wedding photos and I am so glad we chose her. Before the engagement photos, my husband and I were camera shy and awkward, but not a single one of those photos could you tell. She caught the genuine smiles and laughter. Once the wedding rolled around we felt more comfortable because we’d done it before now and these photos are absolutely timeless. Natalie is genuine, empathetic, and personal to your own story. We had our “sneak peek” back SO quickly with so many pictures already ready to share with friends and family. We will definitely invite her back as our family photographer as we continue to grow.” -Jenna & Kerry

Thanks for reading, Natalie 

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