Here is me & my little family! I’m Natalie, the lady behind Natalie Kysar Photography!

About me

A Mom, a Wife & a Taco Lover

Let's break it down. It's simple.

I am a mom to a beautiful one year old girl and I'm absolutely obsessed with her! Amelia is a huge part of who I am so don't be surprised when I talk about her a lot! She just turned 1 and I have to admit I'm a little sad about her "getting big". It feels like just yesterday I was pregnant with this little wiggly bean.

I'm married to the man of my dreams, Lance. He has been nothing but a strong uplifting husband. (Especially when I get a crazy idea to start a business!) We met through mutual friends, started chatting, and hung out ALL the time. Basically attached at the hip. He asked me to marry him two years ago on top of Larch Mountain on a dirt bike ride. I was completely taken by surprise even though I had been wanting to be engaged for so long! Unsurprisingly I was taking pictures of the sunset as Lance was getting ready to propose.. As a couple we hike, ride dirt bikes & snowboard! Fun fact: I taught Lance to snowboard.

What lights up my face? ( I mean other than seeing Lance with Amelia!) Basically what am I so passionate about that my heart beats faster & my laugh gets louder? COUPLES WHO HAVE FUN. That's pretty much what it comes down to!

I am not here to be a fake superficial photographer who shows up does her job and leaves. I'm a real person. I'm emotionally invested in each and every one of you.

I want to work with brides who enjoy the finer things in life but don't freak out when it rains. They take that designer dress and have a heck of a good time dancing in the rain. I want you to have the best day of your life rain or shine. 90% of the time I end of taking on a million different roles, not just "photographer". 

Friend, confidant, wedding planner, organizer, sewer, disaster-fixer, you name it and I'll do it. And if you think I'm here just to click the shutter button, your 100% wrong. You hired me to do an outstanding job and that means doing everything in my power to get the best photos & enjoy your best day ever. 

Even if it means moving furniture, entertaining that crabby baby, or sweating like a crazy person so you don't have to.

I deliver a luxurious experience and beautiful galleries to a select group of adventurous couples across the US, focusing on the gorgeous Pacific North West. Even if that means I acknowledge the messy parts of real life. YOU will have the best experience.

I'm not perfect, I have good days & bad days. I'm a real human and I'm not going to pretend I'm not.

Anyways you probably aren't here to listen to me blab about me, lets hear your story! Slide into that contact box and tell me your favorite ice cream. (Oh yeah, and maybe mention what you want me to do for you!)

Thank you & let's grab tacos!!

Natalie Kysar

Adventurous Couples Photographer in Portland

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